This is a guide for students at Hokkaido University on
how to apply to programs open for application in Learning Satellite.

See “News” or “Programs” on the website for detailed information on
programs open for application and the application process.

Apply for a program based on the above information.

Wait for a decision on the outcome of your application.
(If the program requires you to take a screening test,
please follow the necessary steps.)

Program faculty members will contact you
if the outcome of your application is successful.
You may then follow the steps necessary to enroll in the program.

※Programs marked “Not open” in “Programs” on the website indicate that they are not open for application.
(Programs restricted to students in a specific academic department, graduate school, major, laboratory, etc.)

※In some cases, programs marked “Open” have specific requirements
(humanities or sciences, designation of the department or graduate school,
specialized knowledge, foreign language skills, etc.) and admission screening is required.