Can I get credit for these programs?

Yes. Credits in specialized subjects of your department or graduate school are awarded. Some programs are included as part of General Education Courses and Inter Graduate School Classes.

Are there any fees?

Transportation and accommodation fees are not provided and are the responsibility of the individual. Some programs may offer scholarships and cover transportation fees. Please contact our faculty members and staff with any questions and concerns.

What will I learn through these programs?

You will participate in lectures, on-site surveys and fieldwork offered by our faculty members abroad. Students from Hokkaido University and overseas universities learn together through these specialized educational programs to improve international and intercultural communication skills.

Are there any requirements for applying to these programs?

Some programs have specific requirements (e.g., designation of the department, whether or not you have expertise) and admission screening may be required. Please check the application guidelines for details. It should also be noted that not all programs are open.

I am a faculty member and would like to apply for a program that is part of Learning Satellite.

Please visit the main website of Hokkaido University (viewing limited to students and faculty members at Hokkaido University) for detailed information on application requirements. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, contact the staff of Student Exchange Division, Academic Affairs Department.